December 15th, 2009

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Health Care Reform Fail

Dear Democrats:

I hope you weren't expecting my support in 2010 for your candidates. Believe it or not, you are the majority party right now, and you're acting like a bunch of bullied third-graders suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Sometimes, doing nothing is better than doing something, and the health care bill as it stands is just such an instance. Way to sell out to insurance companies, "moderates" such as Joe Lieberman and the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ignore the fact that hundreds of thousands die, develop chronic conditions that could have been averted or (if they're lucky) just go bankrupt thanks to our broken medical system. Maybe we need the Republicans back in power to remind you that they don't give a moose's shit about bipartisanship or health care reform. I thought this country was really effed up back in 2003, but I was wrong. It's even more effed up now because you as a party have already forgotten that when you are in the majority, you need to do what you believe is right and not give a damn about preserving your seat for re-election.

Good riddance to all the Democrats -- including President Obama -- who have reneged on the promises they made in 2008 regarding health care reform. I will only applaud those Democrats who decide that this bill is insufficient and thus vote "no" on the Senate bill.

No Love,