December 17th, 2009

Sick Moose

Code "Milky Green"

It's best for everyone to stay a clear distance away from me. Those of you remember the "The Pancake Batter Anamoly" episode of Big Bang Theory will get the reference. If you do happen to get it, I suggest you find a Planet of the Apes movie marathon.

Thus marks the first a of series of incredibly nerdy (and all very true) posts I intend to make today.

More Nerdish Behavior

Last night, Sally and I watched "The Jerusalem Duality" episode of Big Bang Theory, which started off with Sheldon pontificating on the problem of transporters. Namely, the fact that what you're really doing is making a copy of the original and then destroying the original -- you're just transporting an information matrix and not the actual mass. My nerdish impulses immediately took over, and I immediately started telling Sally about how this issue was handled so well by James Patrick Kelly in his short story "Think Like a Dinosaur."

Now most mere geeks would have just referenced Star Trek and moved on. Not me -- in fact, Star Trek didn't even occur to me until just a few minutes before writing this post. No, my mind immediately went to a short story that was far more germane to Sheldon's point about transportation, and I was unable to let it go until I found the story in one of my year's best anthologies and showed it to Sally.

Seriously, there but for the grace of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, I could have been Sheldon.

Those Posts Earlier Today

A few quick notes regarding the two posts from earlier today:

  • Yes, I did go back and rewatch the beginning of the "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" to make to sure I got the exact name of Code "Milky Green" correct;
  • It occurs to me that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Realm of Fear" states that you are somehow still intact during the act of transportation. However, this contradicts everything Star Trek previously told us about transporter technology. I figure if Roddenberry could attempt to act like Star Trek V didn't exist, then I can act like "Realm of Fear" never happened;
  • I am incredibly thankful that I already have Sally in my life. After those two posts (and this one now that I am looking over it), I am incredibly lucky to have this intelligent, caring, lovely woman in my life already. Otherwise, those two posts alone would have guaranteed a lack of female companionship well into the next decade.