January 29th, 2013

Majestic Moose

Ephemeral Ponderings

Earlier this evening, I spent 30 minutes skimming through older LJ entries. I wasn't looking for anything in particular; I was just reading for the sake of looking. I came to a full stop and started to compose this post when I realized that for all the worries I've had over the past few years concerning the reliability of LJ -- especially in the fact of the various denial of service attacks it regularly draws -- it's still here. More importantly, over 10 years worth of writing is still here (this includes my old LJ page, which is still available even though I stopped posting to it over six years ago).

That's a big deal for a lot of reasons, but the biggest of them is that I possess very few of the journal entries I composed pre-LJ. I would like to say I've been keeping journals since my teen years, but that would imply that I still had them all. Sadly, I don't. Through my own actions or inactions, I have inadvertently lost nearly all the material I've composed up until I started posting to LJ, and I have no one other than myself to blame for this sad state.

So, because I'm apparently at my happiest when making additions to my list of long-term projects that have no end in sight, I've decided to start making hard copy backups of everything I've posted here. My reason is simple: all the writing remnants predating LJ that I still possess remain in hard copy only. When I got my first Mac more years ago than I care to admit, I started keeping electronic journals on my computer. Unfortunately, I never printed out any of those journals, and over time I lost all those files.

Unlike so many of my other long-term projects, however, this one I can manage in chunks on a daily basis. Although I got out of the habit during my recent posting hiatus, I typically engage in "on this date" reviews of previous LJ entries on a daily basis. While doing that, I can cut-and-paste entries worthy of preservation into a Word document, do some basic formatting to clean-up their appearance and then send to the printer. If I manage to keep up with this, I can be done in a year. The only thing potentially stopping me is my well-established inability to complete a long-term project once I embark on it. We shall see if this one is any different.

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