February 24th, 2013

Moose With Mug

Unfiltered Brain Dump

Yeah, I know... I said on Friday that I would post some more Hall of Song material this weekend and didn't do so. I'm a bad blogger... For the first time in many years, I actually watched a portion of the preshow coverage for an awards ceremony. Gah, I want those 15 minutes of my life back... As I already stated a little earlier this evening on Facebook, I want to know when the digital download of "I Saw Your Boobs" becomes available... I'd like to add that I saw Emma Thompson's boobs in The Tall Guy and Wit, but somehow seeing them in Wit wasn't quite the same thrill as seeing them in Tall Guy... In all fairness, next year's ceremony should include something along the lines of "I Saw Your Junk..." One day, I hope to write something deeply personal and open in a manner that shows immense sensitivity and amazing insight. However, I'll probably ruin it by making a making an incredibly lame allusion to Real Genius... On the other hand, the dating profile that got TeenLitGirl's attention contained just such a reference, so I shouldn't completely rule out a similar effort... Tonight I celebrate 40+ years of never watching a Bond film in its entirety. I take that back, I did watch Octopussy, but I was a teenager and really thought it was going to be more {ahem} titillating than it actually was... When I started this post, I actually had a few other items that I can no longer recall. I really need to learn to type faster or use my computer's transcription feature the next time I write something like this again.