April 5th, 2013

Majestic Moose

A Commitment to Healthy Living: Two Years Later

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of my determination to permanently change my eating habits and to prioritize regular, intensive aerobic exercise. I'm pleased to state that so far, I've basically managed to stay on track. Since hitting my original goal weight in November 2011, which represented a loss of 50 pounds from my all-time peak weight, I have managed to maintain that level of fitness. Unfortunately, maintaining my weight at my revised goal, a loss of 60 pounds, has proven to be difficult. I am in the process of trying to return to that weight after going off track at the end of last year, and the fact that my body's default setting apparently is still "fat bastard" is proving to be something of an obstacle. More frequently than I want to admit, I still experience the odd day or two that is eerily reminiscent of the narrator's plight in Larry Groce's "Junk Food Junkie" -- despite my best efforts.

However, I have both visited my doctor and had blood work done since putting those extra pounds back on, and all the data currently confirms that there's no need to worry should I find myself unable to lose them again. Even at my current weight -- which, by the way, is 30 pounds over the where the evil, masochistic weight-height charts say I should be -- my blood pressure and all the health indicators gleanable from blood tests are far better than they were throughout my 30s. In addition, I haven't needed hypertension medication for over a year now. So, the fact that every few weeks or so I find myself scarfing down double-stuffed Oreos at a rate that would make the Cookie Monster blanch and turn an unhealthy shade of green (as opposed to Kermit's very healthy shade) is nothing to worry about at this time.

Over all, I have to say that even with the minor setback at the end of last year, I am very happy with my accomplishment. By far, this is the longest stretch of sustained healthy living I've had in my life -- I can count a minimum of five different previous efforts wherein I lost 20+ pounds (a couple times, much more) only to regain all of them and then some. I have to grudgingly admit that I wish I possessed the wherewithal to do this sooner, because even though I am in the best overall shape of my enitre life -- yes, that counts my teen years as well -- there are definitely a couple isolated areas where my body is displaying noticeable wear and tear. It really would've been nice to see what my body could've done had it been in this shape for this long during my 20s. However, all things considered, I can't complain, and I look forward to doing my best to retard the inevitable decline of my body over the coming decades.