April 10th, 2013

NonPlussed Moose

Maybe I'm Just Dense

Let me make sure I have this timeline straight:

  1. 1990's: Democratic President reaches deal with Republican-controlled Congress to pay off debt. Efforts are successful and debt run up under Republican Presidents in 1980s starts getting paid off.

  2. 2000's: Republicans, now in complete control of government, cut taxes and finance two wars completely on debt. Deficits explode, and the Vice President states, "Deficits don't matter." Economic policies championed by Republican Party for previous three decades result in worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. (To be fair, a bunch of moderate Democrats supported these policies in an effort to appear reasonable.)

  3. 2010's: Despite obvious damage their tax cuts, policies and wars of choice did to federal deficit, Republicans scream bloody murder when Democratic President attempts to raise taxes on the rich to 1990s levels. Yet, they claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility. As a way to make a deal with them, Democratic President offers to cut Social Security as a way to help make up for the financial mistakes of the Republican Party, even though Social Security pays for its own bills for another 15 years (at an absolute minimum) and has nothing to do with the current financial "crisis."

I think I have this right. If so, then I clearly don't understand how logic works.