June 3rd, 2013

Moose With Mug

Hall of Songs, Outer Circle: Part 8

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Yeah, I know... at the rate I'm going I'll be lucky to have this project finished by the end of the year. TeenLitGirl, on the other hand, has been plugging away at her list over on Facebook and has just five songs left to post. Well, the important thing is that I am working on it....

"September," Earth, Wind & Fire

TeenLitGirl has quite rightly pointed out that my list of favorite songs isn't as heavily populated by "feel good" or "party" songs as her list is. Well, this is one song that I will openly admit to getting down to. It takes a lot for me to do that, because the last time I got down to a song someone pinned me to the floor and put an object in my mouth out of fear that I was having a seizure. Dancing is not one of my strong suits.

"Shattered (Turn the Car Around)," O.A.R.

Now we're back into the type of song that I typically fall in love with, and it's another song I became familiar with thanks to Scrubs (since I'm keeping count, the fifth one on my list so far). When the time song became a hit, I had already stopped listening to the radio so I never experienced sonic overkill. However, I had the song in heavy rotation on my iPod in the immediate aftermath the collapse of my marriage to Nannygirl and through many of the changes in my life in the couple years thereafter.

"Statues," Foo Fighters

A sunny, cheerful little reminder of ultimately all that really matters in the end. I really do wish I could properly elucidate why songs like this appeal to me so much, but as weird as it may sound, they are just the type of songs that I turn to the most when I want to just listen to music and do nothing else. Although I enjoy listening to the song when sober, it's one I'm really drawn to after having a few drinks.

"Still Fighting It," Ben Folds

I've already written an LJ post about this song and what it means to me. I'll just link to it and leave it at that.

"Sunset Grill," Don Henley

I loved the Building the Perfect Beast album when I was a teenager, and this is the first of two songs off of that album that I have on this list. Truth be told, I've never paid all that much attention to the lyrics of the song -- it's the sound of of it that I really love. Although it's not my favorite song on the album, I do appreciate why at least one critic called it "the album's masterpiece."