June 4th, 2013

Moose With Mug

Weekly Weigh-In

Gain/loss for the week: -1.6 lbs.
Cumulative loss: 8.8
Lbs. away from goal: 1.2

I am definitely taking this weigh-in as an aberration. It's just a little too surprising to have my best week of weight loss in my ninth week into trying to remove the leftover excess weight I gained last year. One other tidbit that's been going unmentioned since I resumed the weigh-ins: I actually put on 15 pounds over the last three months of 2012 and then took off five of them in January before leveling off in February and March. So while this particular tracking period is only focused on 10 pounds, I've actually removed almost 14 since the start of the year.

Although it is possible that I reach my goal by the end of the coming week, I am not anticipating it. This weekend is keith89's bachelor party and wedding, and I will be eating out from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Though I will do my best to keep the caloric intake in check, it is a lot harder to manage that trick under such circumstances. I will be quite happy a week from now if I manage to maintain or have just a slight gain of under ½ pound.