June 25th, 2013

Moose With Mug

Weekly Weigh-In

Gain/loss for the past three weeks: -1.1 lbs.
Cumulative loss: 9.9
Lbs. away from goal: 0.1

Monday last week, I expressed optimism about possibly making my goal the next day. Here was the problem: I forgot that there's a reason why the only weigh-ins I count are my weekly ones on Tuesdays. The reason for this is that it helps to remove the "noise" (for lack of better word) caused by weird daily fluctuations. I know from experience that I can potentially show a weight gain on any given day in which I go to the gym and keep my caloric intake where it needs to be. Conversely, I can also show an abnormal weight loss on such days. Well, I was so close to goal on Monday last week that I forgot these facts and ignored the fact that what the scale showed that morning was clearly a low reading (this should have been obvious even before last Tuesday's return to reality).

The fact is that given the way I ate on the weekend of keith89's bachelor party and wedding, by last Tuesday I was lucky to even be back at my weight from June 4. Thus, -1.1 pounds for the past three weeks is perfectly reasonable and acceptable. Now, I know that being 0.1 pounds away from goal means that for all practical purposes (well, rounding purposes) I've actually made goal. However, my goal weight is something I wish to use as a mark to keep my weight below and not just reach it. So, I plan on sticking to my current average daily caloric intake for at least another week, possibly two, before moving into a maintenance mode.

Finally: six months. That's how long it took me to take off the 15 pounds I gained over the final 11 weeks of last year (I resumed the Weekly Weigh-Ins after being stuck for well over a month after taking off the first five pounds rather quickly). Back in 2011, I lost over 40 pounds during my first six months of diet and exercise -- following a nearly identical regimen. I'll take this as a sign that I really cannot let myself put on that much weight again.