August 16th, 2013

Bull Moose

Rifftrax, Starship Troopers, Sex & Puritanical America

Last night, TeenLightGirl and I went to see the Rifftrax Live presentation of Starship Troopers. It did not disappoint -- the riffing hit all the right notes and exposed the movie for the piece of bovine fecal excrement that it really is. I have never bought the explanation that the movie was a satire of facism and thus was supposed to be bad. No, humorous satire can be quite intelligent when done right. This movie really is une piece de merde.

Anyway, the item I found most fascinating about the presentation was the Rifftrax team's stunt to avoid showing the movie's infamous shower scene and it's one, very brief, sex scene. Now, there's nothing really untoward about either scene -- just a bunch of naked people of both genders in the shower (engaging in very non-sexual behavior) and little more than your usual full frontal nudity in the sex scene. Compare that to the countless scenes of heads getting blown off, human bodies literally being ripped to pieces by massive insects, pincers and other insectoid appendages impaling human (some of them through the brain) and other elements of gore too numerous to completely list.

Yet, the naked people were edited out.

I will never understand this country's almost frightening psychopathic/schizophrenic relationship with sex and violence. Blood, gore, and extreme acts of violence are perfectly okay, but a bunch of people take a co-ed shower in a non-sexual manner... overt the kids eyes! Two people engaging in rather bland, vanilla sex that's ridiculously tamer than anything you will find on Friday Night Skinemax... what will the children think! The priorities are backwards -- I'd rather have Tank see the sex scene in Starship Troopers before he sees any of the scenes of graphic violence that are only outnumbered by the number of times Denise Richards is idiotically grinning during the film.

It's a shame that the Rifftrax crew felt it necessary to pander to such idiotic American puritanism. Of all the things that were offensive, disgusting and just plain senseless about the movie, the nudity was by far the least worrisome offender.