September 10th, 2013

Moose With Mug

Weekly Weigh-In

(Numbers based on reset from two weeks ago.)

Gain/loss for the past two weeks: -4.4 lbs.
Cumulative loss: 4.4
Lbs. away from revised goal: 12.4

Very happy with the numbers for the first two weeks -- so happy, in fact, that I am treating myself to a Pepsi Throwback this morning (I will, as a matter of course, attempt to offset as many of those calories as possible in my meals later today -- but I won't fret if I don't manage to). However, the real concern is the blood pressure numbers, and since I don't own a cuff, I will need to trot out to a store with a machine and see what type of readings I get there. When that's done I'll then treat those numbers in accordance with the fact that those machines are rarely calibrated accurately.

Eating properly actually hasn't been all that hard; getting back to the gym and resuming my routines has presented the real challenge thus far. Biggest reason: I'm a sloth by nature. No matter how long I manage to frequently get the exercise I need, I never feel the urge to workout -- I've never understood those people who enjoy exercising or claim that they just don't feel right if they don't get regular exercise. No; for me, exercise is a chore -- something I must do to properly maintain my body. It's like getting regular oil changes and performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your car; it must be done to ensure that the machinery lasts as long as it was designed to.

Sadly, this rate of weight-loss will not continue. I've done this type of thing enough times to know that three of those pounds were just the result of snapping back into my healthy eating and exercise routines. From here on out, I can't expect anything more than approximately 1 lb/week -- sometimes even less. I don't know how realistic a goal it would be to aim to reach my desired weight by the end of the year, but that is what I will be shooting for.