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October 15th, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In

Gain/loss for the week: -1.5 lbs.
Cumulative loss (past seven weeks): 10.9
Lbs. away from revised goal: 5.9

This week turned into a massive reminder regarding why it is I only place real value on my Tuesday weigh-in number. On Friday, the scale said 189.9; yesterday, it said 193.0; and today, it said 190.9. Weighing myself every day (in addition to recording my weight every Tuesday) is another motivational tool I employ, but it's a very weak one. Without discussing them, I know that a variety of factors can greatly skew the numbers in either direction on any given day, so I try to avoid placing emphasis on any particular mid-week reading. Rather, I am making sure that the numbers are trending downward. In the end, by only "counting" my Tuesday weigh-in, I remove a great deal (though not all) of the odd fluctuations.

I'm now less than a pound away from where I was just before my lack-of-exercise/overeating bender this past summer. With a little luck, I should reach that mark by next week's weigh-in. I will really need that luck as there is a wild card this week that might delay my reaching that mark: Thursday is Tank's birthday, and as part of his birthday present, the two of us are making a day trip to Philly this weekend. I think it's psychotically immoral to expect me to go to the land of Tastykake, cheesesteaks, and proper soft pretzels with mustard and not indulge a little more than I should. However, even by the incredibly flexible standards I'll allow myself, I do plan to make some effort to keep the eating at least partially in check. Hopefully, luck will take care of the rest.

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