October 21st, 2013

Moose With Mug

When Baby Shower Cakes Go Horribly Wrong

Probably NSFW, apparently against Facebook's tender sensibilities (it wouldn't let me post a direct link from my page there), and almost certainly not safe for expectant mothers either.

Update, 11:53 AM EDT: To be fair to Facebook, the fact I couldn't post the link probably has to do with site-wide issues and not their decency filters. Even so, that's really only trading one Facebook failure with another.
Moose With Mug

Odds and Ends

It's highly unlikely that I'm going to escape the Facebook beast anytime soon. However, I can attempt to force myself to break-free of some of the really bad habits that I've allowed the site to enable over the past few years. One of those habits is my laziness in reposting over here some of the Facebook posts I'd like to preserve in a more easily retrievable/searchable format. I know it's unlikely that I'll ever make myself post over here as frequently as I used to years ago, but I can at least make a more concerted effort to cobble together posts that are significantly longer than something you find on Twitter....

Speaking of which, Tank had his birthday this past Thursday, and I just cannot believe he's now 10. The night before I had my regularly-scheduled mid-week visit and while at dinner, we talked about what we were going to do with Friday (he had the day off from school, and I had already informed him that as part of his birthday present we were going take advantage of the school holiday to embark on a day-trip to Philly. Part of the discussion revolved around where to go to dinner on Friday night. During it, I made a suggestion that we could go to a place I loved to frequent while I was in college. Brandon's response, "Let's find someplace new," was followed by an dismissive, almost royal hand wave. I just broke apart with laughter. In retrospect, I think he was retaliating for my shooting down the Hard Rock Cafe as an option. We went to neither place....

Earlier today I came across an article on Slate suggesting where people who've never really listened to The Smiths should start. It reminded me of something I actually said to TeenLitGirl not that long ago -- that I need to do a better job of mining her music collection when looking for new (to me) music. While there's a lot of overlap in our favorite songs and bands, she owns a large number of albums that I've never listened to before. Yet, I never pull one out and sample it -- instead I keep relying on Pandora, SiriusXM and word-of-mouth for finding new material. Ironically, in this case, TeenLitGirl owns four Smiths albums, and I can easily rip nearly all the tracks mentioned in the Slate article. I really should use this as a starting point for a closer examination of what's in her collection....

Finally, the almost obligatory and certainly questionable statement that I will try to be more active on LJ moving forward.

Moose Music

Hall of Songs, Outer Circle: #42, "Under Pressure" by Queen & David Bowie

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I will never, ever forgive Vanilla Ice for ensuring that I can never hear this song without at some point thinking of "Ice, Ice Baby." Even worse, though, was his weak attempt to suggest that he didn't actually steal sample because he made one incredibly minor change in the the bass line -- for that alone he deserved to have Suge Knight hold him by his ankles and dangle him from the 20th story balcony of a hotel room. It's just a shame that it actually didn't happen.

Yet, I am somehow still able to keep MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" separate from Rick James's "Superfreak." Go figure.