February 19th, 2016

Computer Moose

The Perils of Vegetarianism

Thanks to getting just three hours sleep and a couple other factors, I'm in an ornery mood today. As a result, I feel a tremendous urge gorge on comfort food. However, I am faced with a somewhat intractable problem: although I am happy with my decision a couple years ago to go vegetarian, I have yet to find proper comfort foods to replace those I turned to when I ate meat. In fact, I have yet to find a proper, easy-to-prepare/obtain, healthy vegetarian meal that provides the euphoric boost that a bacon cheeseburger provides. While it's true I'm not a strict vegetarian, I would prefer to continue limiting my infrequent omniverous meals to special, pre-determined occasions and not just use a bad day as an excuse to do otherwise.

I'm still working on a solution to this conundrum, but quite frankly I have no idea what that solution might be.