November 3rd, 2016

Moose With Mug

Really, America? Really!?

(I know what follows is incredibly unlikely to change anyone's mind about the election this Tuesday, but it's something I just wanted to get off my chest. Feel free to ignore or comment as you wish.)

About Trump: So, let’s just be clear; this is still the candidate who…

  • Questioned the citizenship of our first African American president;

  • Said Mexicans were criminals and rapists;

  • Mocked a sitting Senator (Republican) for being a POW;

  • Said a federal judge couldn’t be impartial because of his Mexican heritage;

  • Promised to round up and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants;

  • Suggested that there should be a religious test for people to immigrate to this country;

  • Mocked a disabled reporter and disparaged a Gold Star family;

  • Admires foreign dictators;

  • Suggested that we should torture terrorists and go after their families;

  • Wants to roll back the 1st Amendment protections for a free press;

  • Suggested that women who get abortions should be punished;

  • Said that, if elected, he would jail his opponent;

  • Defended talk about assaulting women, "Grab her by the pussy," by stating it was mere locker room talk;

  • Wouldn’t commit to accepting the results of this election;

  • Won’t release his tax returns;

  • Will be in court later this year defending himself on rape and fraud charges.

Clinton's sins?

  • An email scandal, which the current head of the FBI, a staunch Republican and originally a Bush appointee to the department, has stated that there is nothing here that rises to the level of prosecutable crime;

  • Benghazi, which seven different Republican-led House investigations have found no evidence of wrongdoing on Clinton's part;

  • Staying by her husband's side during his infidelities. During this time she advocated for one private investigator to be hired to investigate one of the women who claimed he had an affair with her;

  • Supposedly having a role in Vince Foster's suicide, even though six different investigations found it to be a suicide;

  • The Whitewater Affair, a financial deal the Clintons lost money on;

  • The Clinton Foundation, which the non-profit, bipartisan Charity Watch gave an "A" rating to for financial efficiency (80-89% of money raised goes to charitable causes).

This election shouldn't even be close. The fact that it is speaks volumes about the toxic brew of willful ignorance, sexism, racism, denial, and misinformation infecting this country. Yes, I get it... In many ways Clinton is not an easy person to vote for. there's a reason I was a staunch Sanders supporter during the Democratic primaries, going so far as to state on multiple occasions that I would likely have to "hold my nose when voting for her." She isn't easily relatable, and can project as robotic and/or inauthentic -- all of which are unforgivable sins in today's media-saturated environment. But, it needs to be said that my distaste for her was primarily driven by a couple key issues I hold dear and the fact that Sanders was much closer to where I am ideologically than she is. and had nothing to do with her media persona. Yet, there is absolutely nothing that disqualifies her from the job, and she is eminently qualified to be President. I probably shouldn't have resorted to such hyperbole during the primaries -- I certainly overstated my feelings towards her as a candidate.

Outside of all that, much of her reputation is the direct result of the longest-running smear campaigns in American history. I recall quite clearly how the right-wing press maligned her in 1992 because she kept her maiden name as a middle name and insisted that people use it when referring to her. Let that sink in for a bit -- she was being criticized for wanting the press to treat her as something more than just a politician's wife. This kind of treatment has been ongoing since her husband first ran for office back in Arkansas, and is on full display in 1994's The Clinton Chronicles and it's recent follow-up, The New Clinton Chronicles. In short, so much filth has been flung at Hillary, who when judged honestly and accurately is no worse or better than your typical Washington politician, that it has created the image of impropriety where it doesn't exist.

Trump? No political experience, and nothing in his business record to suggest that he could actually perform the job. As for his promises to help everyday Americans? Well, I'll address that in another post later today or tomorrow.

Note: with the exception of some additions and a couple additional minor edits, the Trump list comes from yesterday's "Trump Fatigue" blog post over at the Washington Monthly.