November 11th, 2016

Moose With Mug

Tomorrow's Importance

Tomorrow is a very special day for me; it is TeenLitGirl's and my fifth wedding anniversary. While all momentous anniversaries are important and should be celebrated, this one carries significant extra meaning for me. My first marriage, in the practical sense, ended approximately two months before its fifth anniversary. I allowed it to legally shuffle along in zombie-like fashion for nearly another four years, in a kind gesture to allow Manchild's mom to stay on my health insurance since she couldn't get any through her employer. So, while I was married to her for close to nine years, in my mind our marriage officially ended when she decided she was a lesbian, since that was the moment at which both of us decided it was dead.

In that very simple sense it's easy to see why the fifth anniversary is so important. But, there's more to it than just the simple act of marking one event. TeenLitGirl's and my wedding day was the finale to a year filled with huge events and changes. It was the year that my first marriage was finally euthanized, and the year I finally made the type of long-term, healthy lifestyle changes that stuck (having lost over 50 pounds starting in April of that year.) That was also the year we bought a house together and adopted a couple fur babies, since we already decided that although any children of ours would be smart and beautiful, we just weren't ever going to be ready to start raising one more. In short, our wedding was the capstone to one of the momentous years of my life.

So, while we will be celebrating five years as married couple tomorrow, I will also be celebrating five years of a life I honestly couldn't have dreamed of back in the fall of 2007. Because I posted regularly to LJ back then, it's incredibly easy for me to see where I was mentally and emotionally at that time, to witness the doubt and profound sadness that was an everyday presence, and to reexperience the trepidation I felt regarding my future. In just about every way imaginable (and in some ways I didn't even anticipate,) my life was turned out for the better.

Because of the kids, we won't be able to celebrate the day in the manner I feel it deserves, but that's okay. TeenLitGirl went out for dinner and a movie last night in lieu of a proper anniversary celebration, and I did my some of my usual thing with Legos to create something to celebrate the date -- I'll make certain to post it to both here and Facebook tomorrow. Regardless of how tomorrow pans out, I will be happy at day's end. I will be going to bed with the woman who understands and gets me better than anyone else in the world. And when she doesn't understand or get me, she's kind enough to humor me -- and that's just as good.