November 17th, 2016

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The Weekly Weigh-In Returns

Oh, no... Here go hell come. For the at least the fifth or six time since I took off all the weight back in 2011, it's just too high again. After all this time, I still don't have a proper handle on maintaining my weight in the range I need to be keeping it. Interestingly, I've actually done a fabulous job of keeping it in the 205-215 range for the past four months. Unfortunately, I want it to be in the 190-195 range, and for the past few months I have been half-assing the proper eating habits and exercise patterns needed to get it back down.

So, it's back to weight loss as public performance/self-fat-shaming, since that seems like the only way I ever properly take the weight off. As an added bonus, I start this just as the holidays are getting underway -- which seems, perversely, to probably be a good time to begin such an endeavor. Ugh.

But, it is actually more than just about the weight. I need to get back into my proper exercise patterns as well. My cholesterol levels shot back up over the past six months, and while the diet has something to do with it, I know that inconsistent exercise has played a role as well.

Anyway, here are my baseline numbers as of today:

Weight: 209.2
Goal: 190.0 (using this since it is the floor of the range I need to keep my weight within.)