November 30th, 2016

Moose With Mug

I'll Take Potpourri for 200, Alex

I'm sure that what I should do is split each of the following into its own separate post, but's that not the way I feel like operating...

  • Last week, Shout Factory announced the titles that will be included in MST3K: Volume XXXVIII. With this announcement, there will only be 15 episodes from the show's original run that have not been officially released on DVD. Given the minefield of rights issues that have plagued home video releases, which resulted in the Volume 10.2 reissue and the Amazing Colossal Man VHS recall, I am both thrilled and stunned that this many original episodes received such a treatment. I don't know whether it is really the case or not, but it wouldn't surprise me to discover that assembling a complete collection of the DVD releases like mine, which I have dutifully assembled by buying every release no later than a day or two after its releases, makes for one of the most expensive TV shows one could attempt to own. Off the top of my head, only the original run of Doctor Who competes -- though it almost certainly is worse.

  • The more I think about Batman's cell phone contact list in a recent episode of Teen Titans Go, the funnier I think it is. The fact that he has both Martha K. and Martha W. listed is wonderfully absurd on multiple levels. First, I'm imagining Bruce Wayne, at the end of a long evening of fighting crime, calling his mom's number and reporting in on his day. He keeps telling her how much he misses her and dad, and he hopes he's doing them proud. He tells her the things that he can't even tell Alfred, Nightwing, or whomever is his Robin of the moment. But then, I imagine that the number has been assigned to someone else who listens to these disturbing rants everyday, saying nothing, and not knowing what he/she should do about it -- especially since Wayne is smart and rich enough to make sure his cell number is unlisted and cannot be traced. Better still, the whole sordid scene turns into a bizarre mash-up with the new Will Smith movie, Collateral Beauty, and the frequent phone calls bring her back to life and on the doorstep of Wayne Manor. This is in turn causes him to freak out, thinking that some residue of older Scarecrow toxin in his system hasn't been properly dealt with, thus finally causing the psychotic break he's always been on the verge of.

  • Back in March, I decided that as part of concerted effort to properly clean-up my iTunes music library (removing duplicate tracks, correcting spellings, deleting songs I never liked but appeared on an '80s compilation that I imported in its entirety, etc.) I would create a play list of all the songs in my library that I actually enjoy. Well, this has entailed listening to everything, and in a non-trivial number of cases, I have albums in my library I've barely listened to -- these are mostly items that TeenLitGirl already owned when we met. I made the decision to listen to each of these albums three or four times in order to find new-to-me music to add to the list. I'm doing this alphabetically by artist, and at the moment I'm up to James. It's a lot further along than it might seem -- the amount of music in the Bs was ridiculous. Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds, Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Bowling for Soup... there was a lot there. J isn't shaping up to be much better, with Jonathan Coulton, John Mellencamp, Josh Ritter, Jason Mraz, and John Lennon. I hope to have completed this project by the end of this coming March.