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So, 2005 Topps Retired Baseball is now live, and out of all the living former Phillies who have not yet appeared on an autograph issue who do they pick for his first autograph card?

  • Danny Tartabull. No, but there are so few pictures of his stint with the Phils that Topps is to be commended for passing on him.
  • Pete Incaviglia. No.
  • Terry Mulholland. No, but amazingly, he is still playing so Topps gets a pass on this one.
  • Tommy Greene. No.
  • Von Hayes. No.
  • Lance Parrish. No, but he is probably still in therapy after the abuse he took from Philly fans despite his all-star appearance with the team.
  • Steve Bedrosian. No.
  • Ozzie Virgil. No.
  • Juan Samuel. No.
  • Garry Maddox. No.
  • Dick Ruthven. No.
  • Larry Christenson. No.
  • Jim Kaat. No, because Topps is trying to get a card of him with each of his other teams first.
  • Jim Lonborg. No, but he did receive yet another Red Sox auto card.
  • Dave Cash. No.
  • Tony Taylor. No.
  • Rick Wise. No.
  • Ruben Amaro, No, but to be fair, Ruben Amaro, Jr. hasn't appeared on one either.
  • Cookie Rojas. No.
  • Johnny Callison. No, but he has appeared as a White Sox and Yankee on previous issues, so Topps probably thought he has signed enough cards by now.

The former Phil whom they roused out of the slumber of retirement to sign his first certified autograph issue:

Bob Dernier.
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