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  1. ben folds:
    My second favorite contemporary artist. At his best, there is no better songwriter in music today.
  2. civil rights:
    Anytime the civil rights of any American citizen are abridged, no matter what the reason, all our civil rights are trampled on.
  3. eddie izzard:
    "You have no idea, do you?"
  4. irony:
    Usually, I have lots of fun finding ironic statements. However, the Bush administration has almost finished choking all love of irony out of me.
  5. liberal arts:
    I hope to get a Masters Degree in this some day, but at the rate things are going, at the earliest it'll probably be something I do once Tank and any future children of mine are in their teens.
  6. monty python:
    "Always look on the bright side of life..."
  7. philadelphia phillies:
    Historically speaking, the worst team in American professional sports history, and I had the bad/good fortune of living in the Philadelphia area during my formative sports-watching years. Despite just one postseason appearance over the past 21 seasons, I continue to hope.
  8. sci-fi:
    Yeah, I watch it on occasion, and while it has its own unique pleasures, it's not as pleasurable as reading sf.
  9. spike jones:
    One of Weird Al's major influences and has no equal in terms of taking serious music and making it funny.
  10. the tick:

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