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Some Music Help, Please

I'm hoping that one of you reading this might be able to actually help me. I decided to compile my own iPod playlist containing the songs that appeared in the movie Real Genius -- an official soundtrack was never released so self-compilation is the only way to address the desire to have it. Unfortunately, there is one song in particular I am stymied on: "I'm Falling" by Comsat Angels (they are listed in the credits of the film as C. S. Angels). I have tried iTunes, Amazon and eMusic but haven't been able to find the track. However, I have found copies of the out-of-print Comsat Angels CD it appears on, but I'm not going to pay $35 for the privilege of adding one song to my library.

Anyone out there know where I might be able to get it (or actually have it and can email me the MP3)? Any help would be appreciated.

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