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Odds and Ends

Because it's been a week since my last "Odds and Ends" installment...

On Saturday evening Mrs. Moose and I started watching the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. We're now exactly at the halfway point (well, at the end of the first disc of The Two Towers), and I'm finding the bonus footage interesting because it's obvious that Peter Jackson was right in cutting most of this stuff out for the theatrical release. Yes, some of these details are amusing, but they also noticeably slow the story down. Given that the theatrical releases were approximately nine hours long, a little brevity is a good thing.

Right now, the most recently used search phrase used to find the first issue of SF is "baby luc skywalker costume." I don't know which is more amusing: the phrase itself or the misspelling of Luke's name. But at least that makes more sense than "find the monstrous entities ogdru jahadthe seven gods of chaos," which is the phrase most recently used to find the second issue.

12 games to go in the season, and the Phillies are one game behind in the wild card race. My prediction: they'll miss the wild card by three games. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm really loving the shuffle setting on my iPod. Randomly hearing songs I haven't listened to in years is almost always fun. I had to insert that qualifier because despite what I felt was a decent job of making sure that only the music that I love went onto its hard drive, I'm sure something from my CD collection will eventually pop up unexpectedly to my dismay. Something other than a Mr. Bungle song.

Tank is now less than a month away from his second birthday. Before he was born, I couldn't imagine loving anyone the way I love him. Between him and Mrs. Moose, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. Is it greedy of me to want another little moose/moosette?

This time last year I was putting together the debut issue of Some Fantastic. I am very happy with how the first year of the 'zine went, and I hope that the second year goes just as well, if not better. One of the things I am contemplating for sometime next year: a special non-sf issue.

Somebody in the DC area want to loan me their copy of the complete series of Firefly so I can get ready for Serenity and understand what all the hype is about?

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