The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

One Year Later

A year ago today I emailed the first PDFs of S.F. In my posts about it in my old LJ page, I mentioned that I would be happy if 75 people read the first issue. I still don't know exactly how many people actually read it, but 75 downloads took place since setting up counters on the website back in July.

By my best estimates, each of the last few issues were downloaded at least 200 times each, although it's likely that the number is closer to 300, if not higher.

I'm now getting ready to start work on pulling Issue #6 together, with a target of getting it online sometime during the third week of October. Along with the new issue, I plan on making a couple minor changes to the website, including links to an sf fanzine-review blog by johnnyeponymous, to a separate editor's blog, and to blogs/websites of any of the writers who wish to be included.

To celebrate the first anniversary, I was hoping to be able to put out the biggest issue yet, but I don't know how possible that really will be.
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