The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

What a Game

For the first time in years, I don't have either Extra Innings or the MLB.TV online package (more fun with the "new and improved" finances) so more often than not if I want to "watch" a Phillies game live, I follow the game using Yahoo!'s Game Channel. It barely qualifies as better than reading the newpaper account the following morning, but at least it is a regular live update.

This evening, for obvious reasons (well, they're obvious if you know what's going on between the two teams) I've been eagerly keeping track of the Phillies-Mets game. Man, I really wish I was actually able to watch this game. After taking a 7-0 lead in the top of the 4th, the Mets allowed the Phillies to came all the way back and it's now 7-7 in the top of the 10th. I bet that right now every Mets fan out there is reliving that nightmarish collapse from last year (contessahms, I'm sorry if that includes you -- I would never wish that upon you).

However, even if I could watch the rest of the game, the current time is saying that if the Phillies don't pull it out in the 10th then I'll have to find out in the morning anyway. Either way, I'll be taking advantage of MLB.TV's free highlights sometime tomorrow.

Edit to Add, 11:18 PM:
Damn, I was hoping that Coste's lead-off double in the bottom of the 10th would eventually lead to my going to bed a happy man. Alas, the Mets pitched out of the jam. Finding out tomorrow morning how it ends, it is.

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