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Weekly Odds and Ends

As usual, in no particular order:

  • I can't believe it. There's only six game left in the Phillies' season, and all of them might just mean something. I just might end up getting a cheap seat for one game this weekend after all -- even though it means attending my 6th Phillies-Nationals game this year. I never caught that many Phillies-Mets games in season when I lived in NYC.
  • I accidentally left the car adapter for my iPod in Mrs. Moose's car over the weekend, so this morning's commute involved some rare radio listening. I kept it on the local ESPN radio affiliate and was left cringing after listening to Dick Vitale for 10 minutes. Jesus, I can't imagine why anybody finds him amusing -- especially when he talks about baseball.
  • I had a blast at last night's Neil Gaiman book signing. Managed to get books signed for keith89 and henwen and spent quite a bit of time talking to the people behind me in the signing line. I should mention that I arrived two hours before the scheduled start time, and I still ended up as #75 in the que. Once again I had the experience of watching people show the same type of real excitement over getting books signed that I just don't seem to experience anymore. Don't get me wrong, I like having authors sign books I love, but I just don't get giddy the way others seem to.
  • Speaking of keith89, he's probably coming down from Philly this weekend and he'll be bringing his Firefly DVDs so I can finally see what all the sci-fi fans are raving about.
  • We took Tank to the Great Frederick Fair on Saturday. It was drizzly and overcast the whole day, but I was somewhat thankful for this as it helped keep the crowds down. He had an absolute blast on the rides--as he always does--and the look on his face when he first saw the ferris wheel was priceless. In fact, he was so determined to get to it that for the first time in his life he left his Grandma Rosie without making a single fuss. He also had quite a bit of fun looking at the chickens and ducks, but it wasn't as amusing to him as the monkeys at the petting zoo the previous weekend. I hope to have pictures posted within the next few days.
  • I found it amusing (and somewhat annoying) that this morning the local Fox affiliate devoted equal time to reporting on the opposing Iraq War rallies in DC this weekend. I'm all for balanced coverage, but given that 100,000 were at the anti-war rally and only 500 (a generous headcount at that) at the counter-rally is equal time really justified? I think I've finally hit the end of using the local Fox station for morning news.
  • This weekend -- Saturday in particular -- was not a good weekend to try to do things in the city. There were the war rallies, World Bank protests and the National Book Fair on The Mall. In fact, rush hour traffic leaving DC on Friday evening was far worse than usual, which I'm certain was a result of travel to DC for said events.
  • I love Billmon and while I generally agree with what he writes, but I have a strong feeling that the conservative-fascist end of the blogosphere is going to relish quoting him out of context on this piece. For all my bluster about not giving a shit about what people think of me, I couldn't imagine writing anything so outright incendiary in the manner he has.

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