The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

A General Post for Everyone

This is just a general announcement to everyone in my life, both in the real world and online -- all my friends, family and loved ones. I know that for some time now I've been doing a rather craptacular job of replying to emails, following up on comments on my LJ page, making good on various commitments, and just plain staying in contact with people who are important in my life for one reason or another. Rest assured that I am aware of just how badly I've been coming up short as of late, and I'm working on making the adjustments and changes necessary to give you all the attention I should be giving you.

I know that this has actually been happening to one degree or another for quite some time now, and I wish to thank you for being so patient with me during what has turned into a rather extended period of my life. Some of you have very understandably become annoyed and upset with me at one point or another, and you have had very good reason to feel that way -- I don't blame you one bit for the frustration you have experienced with me.

I hope to get my bovine fecal matter consolidated much sooner than later, and that I will find a way to follow through on my good intentions.

Take care,


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