The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
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I'd like to thank the Philadelphia Phillies for quickly, albeit painfully, reminding me why I promised myself I wouldn't let myself believe that they might actually make the playoffs this year. I somehow broke that promise around a week ago, and will make sure I don't make that mistake again.

Before Billy Wagner again mouths off about the lack of support from Phillies fans, he should check the history of the team. Barring a major miracle, at the end of the season the Phillies will have made the postseason just once during the current 23-season stretch and will continue their longest sustained postseason drought since 1951-1975. Furthermore, the team has played below expectations for most of the past five years. The fans are understandably frustrated and arguably should be commended for still attending at the rate of 2 million/year despite the ineptitude on the field.

Yeah, Billy, we're pissed and for good reason. Instead of bitching and moaning about the fans, how about giving us actual cause for believing and getting behind you guys instead of personally blowing two games against the team that will become this year's NL wild card. Good luck wherever you go next year. I think we'll enjoy getting the compensatory draft pick when you sign with whichever team will give you your exorbitant asking price.


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