The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

20-11, 4th Quarter, 14:56 Remaining

Holy shit... the Eagles are making me start to believe.

Update, 6:28 remaining: I can't believe it (though I'm certainly loving it)... unless we have a 2009 Miracle at the Meadowlands, Giants Edition, the Eagles will go to the NFC Championship game for the fifth time under the Reid-McNabb Era.

3:07 remaining:

End of Game, 23-11 Eagles:
 Seriously, the past 3½ months have been the greatest time I've ever had as a Philly sports fan. I truly don't care what happens next week -- the fact that the Eagles took out the Giants they way they did during the second half of this game is nearly as good as a Super Bowl win.


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