The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Last Issue of Some Fantastic

I know I've made similar death-knell statements before, but this time it's really happening -- I've just sent an email letting everyone who has contributed to Some Fantastic over the past few years know that it is going on "indefinite hiatus." Over the past few weeks, I hoped in vain that something would happen to allow me to come to a different conclusion, but the fact is that I am in a far different place than I was when I started it over four years ago. I lack the time and money necessary to continue doing this by myself, and I'm unsure that I could continue this even with the help of a co-editor. Realistically, I know it's very unlikely I'll be able to start it back up again in the foreseeable future and have it resume in its current form.

In the meantime, I still have material for one last issue, and I will make sure that it gets posted online no later than early February. The 'zine didn't run as long as I hoped it would when I started it in the fall of 2004, but by stating that it is on indefinite hiatus I'm leaving the door open to restarting it in the future.


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