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Four Years Along This Path

So, four years ago today I started a this LJ page and slowly transitioned away from my old one so that I could write openly (anonymously, actually) and without feeling the need to censor myself or start making use of filtered posts. Unfortunately, life had a little way of slapping me in the face, and for a variety of reasons (valid ones) many of the things I wrote in my initial post are no longer in fact true. It's a little depressing, actually.

No, I won't start a third LJ page and start the process over again -- the important thing is that I still basically have anonymity on this page (you won't find it if you try to do a web search on my real name). However, I really do wish I could have stuck to the idealism and self-righteous dick-waving that I displayed on that first post to these pages. Hell, at this time I feel almost sheepish typing "self-righteous dick-waving" and leaving it on the screen.

Maybe I need to do that just a little more often.

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