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Enter Sandman

Beatallica's "Sandman" just played on my iPod, and I suddenly realized I could make quite the playlist out of the original Metallica song and all the variants/covers I've downloaded over the years:

  • Metallica, "Enter Sandman"
  • Beatallica, "Sandman" (a metal cover/mash-up with the Beatles' "Taxman")
  • Richard Cheese, "Enter Sandman" (a lounge cover/mash-up with the Andrew Sister's "Mr. Sandman")
  • Apocalyptica, "Enter Sandman" (instrumental, performed by a string quartet)
  • Iron Horse, "Enter Sandman" (a bluegrass cover)
Without combing through my music collection, I think "Enter Sandman" is the song I have the most "covers" of -- the fact that they are all so different makes this that much more amazing to me. Any other covers/versions I should be made aware of? (Not counting the Pat Boone cover, which is all sorts of wrong and evil in ways that none of the other versions I have are.)
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