The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Christmas Thought

A few days ago, I had something of a brainstorm for all those fundie Christians who actually think there's a War on Christmas and are feeling horribly persecuted: ask them to wear yellow crosses on the left side of their chest at all times during the holiday season. This way, everyone knows that we need to mind our P's and Q's around these people and to make sure that we only say "Merry Christmas" to them rather than any other form of all-inclusive holiday wishes. Just think of all the trouble this could save.

Irony and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm aside, best holiday wishes to everyone out there. I hope that you are able to celebrate and enjoy in the manner of choosing. This is a time for peace, understanding and inclusiveness, and that's something all of us should never lose sight of.

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