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Another Odds and Ends Post

A bunch of random stuff, in no particular order; none of which is long enough to justify a post of its own:

  • Dear poor, misunderstood Dr. Laura: Not that you will ever read this, but your First Amendment rights have not been curtailed. You're still free to spout off on all the crazy shit that comes into your head and find avenues to make money off of it. You've only lost your well-paying soapbox, which is not Constitutionally protected.
  • Good news while up in Philly this past weekend: I was mistaken for a celebrity. Bad news: the celebrity was Kevin Smith. Yes, I really need to lose some weight.
  • For those of you on my Facebook Friends list: yes, that was a post from earlier this week.
  • To be fair to the woman who confused me with Kevin Smith, she was very drunk, I dress in a fashion similar to Smith, and I am a fat, hairy bastard these days. Seriously, my weight is probably back up to its all-time high, and my hair is the longest it has been since college. I blame this on the fact that I work from home, which means that far too often my personal appearance is not given the attention it deserves.
  • However, I am planning on joining a gym very soon. While the end of the summer does bring the saddening and totally suck-tacular fact that that Tank will no longer be with me the majority of the week (until next summer, that is), the silver lining (a small one, mind you) is that I will have the time to actually go to gym, and for the first time in years, my finances are flexible enough to allow a gym membership.
  • Speaking of Tank, I'm incredibly proud of the fact that when he plays "American Pie" on Band Hero, he wants to sing the lyrics from Weird Al's "The Saga Begins."
  • On the docket with the boy this evening: Diet Coke and Mentos. He's been wanting to do this since seeing the Mythbusters episode where they figured out the ingredients that make the reaction happen. Just for fun, I might just pop a couple Mentos in my mouth and then get a big mouthful of Diet Coke to see what happens.
  • Yes, Facebook friends, the last two items were status updates from earlier today.
There is more I hope to write about -- items that deserve their own posts. We'll see how successful I am in writing them up over the next few days.

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