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First thing's first: All is well in my world. Well... as well as anything can be for anybody who maintains healthy levels of paranoia and pessimism. :-)

We got back from my sister-in-law's wedding yesterday. At the reception Saturday evening, I heard just about the best piece of advice ever given: don't be afraid to make a plan and then throw it away. Other than the bride, my wife was the most beautiful woman there (she was also the one who gave the sage advice). It should go without saying that Tank was the most beautiful child there, but it needed saying as well.

On the way back from the wedding, we stopped by my mom's and grandmother's place so that Tank could see his other grandmothers (two of them were at the wedding). While there, we took him to a new park that opened nearby and he got his first chance to ride a swing. Of course, he loved it. Pictures will eventually go online. Beyond that, I was amazed just at how much so many of the other parents literally hovered over their children every step of the way at the playground. A little caution is certainly in order, but I think some of these parents are a little over-protective of their toddlers/3-to-4-year-olds.

BNL is back in the studio recording a new album. We have tickets to a their show in Baltimore on November 28 -- second row, stage right. They've also recorded tracks for an iTunes exclusive. I don't know the release date on that, but I will certainly purchase it and the new album when they come out.

Another ugly Eagles game yesterday, but at least they got the win. Thankfully, like last week's game, it wasn't televised in the DC area. However, this Sunday's game with the Broncos will be televised locally -- I haven't decided on whether or not this is a good thing. Given that we plan to take Tank to some sort of Fall Festival that day, it may ultimately be a moot point.

Random fact about me: until my teens, I always thought the term was "mute point," not "moot point." I know there's an actual difference and use the term correctly, but deep down, I feel there's no difference in the abstract meaning of the two.

Thanks to having way too much on my plate, I'm probably not going to have the next issue of SF online until the middle of the week. However, I do plan to devote as much of my spare time as possible to the task.

Having said that, I Love the 80s: 3D starts tonight on VH1. You can bet I will be there -- I just need to stop by Best Buy and get the cool glasses to enhance my viewing pleasure.

Speaking of enhancing my pleasure, I found this article on today rather amusing. It reminds me when the holders of John Fogarty was sued for plagiarism by the group holding the rights to his Credence Clearwater material; a legal act which was also pretty damn amusing.

Ever since Friday Cat Blogging started a few years ago, other individuals have started other little Friday blogging traditions -- AMERICAblog, for instance, does Friday Orchid Blogging. I plan to start Friday Phillies Baseball Card Blogging this week. Even though I don't collect as fervently as I once did, I thought it would be a neat way to jump on the bandwagon in my own unique way.

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