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Today's post is being brought to you by the umlaut, because it feels that the letters unfairly get all the attention when it comes to sponsorship of Sesame Street episodes.

  • Ever since seeing Hot Tub Time Machine, I've been teetering on the verge of downloading Mötley Crüe's "Home Sweet Home." Seriously, it's starting to turn into an irresistible impulse. Not only that, I'm having dreams where I'm playing it on drums on Band Hero or Guitar Hero and I'm doing the ridiculous helicopter twirl with the drumstick.
  • A couple days ago on Facebook, I castigated my friends who knew of Jonathan Coulton, knew my musical taste and didn't recommend his music to me. To those whom the post applies to and didn't see it, consider yourselves reprimanded as well.
  • Why doesn't the word umlaut have an umlaut in it? It seems like it just should.
  • Another Facebook tidbit worth mentioning here (it was something I wrote in response to someone else's post): it seriously took me well into my late 20s before I realized that people don't want a real answer when they greet you with, "How you doin'?" I, of course, blame my Asperger's for it taking me so long to realize this.
  • Along those same lines, after someone says, "Excuse me" following a burp or passing gas, I still, more often than not, reply, "You're excused." TeenLitGirl finds this wonderfully amusing.
  • Wow, there were a lot of commas in the previous bullet point. Worse, I'm not even sure I punctuated it correctly.
  • In addition to feeling like it has been treated unfairly, the umlaut just doesn't get along with the tilde. Luckily, they very rarely appear in public together, but that may be a result of the fact that the tilde is afraid to show its face in certain parts of America these days.
  • Based on the quality of the discourse found in the comment sections of news stories on Yahoo!, CNN and other mainstream news sites, I have decided that I will welcome our robot overlords when the inevitable revolution finally occurs. I hope that by sucking up to them, I will gain a position of relative importance.
Now, it's off to work where I will fight the urge to procrastinate and force myself to be a good, productive drone.
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