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I've had this book on my shelves for longer than I care to admit. This is true of a lot of the books on my shelves, but I'm reasonably certain that this novel is really high up on the list of those that have been gathering dust the longest. The other primary reason for finally taking this off the shelf is that it is incredibly short, and it allowed me to easily pad my Books Read total for the year (something I'm sure that people doing the 50 Book Challenge frequently do). Something from the Nightside has been on my shelves so long that I believe that the series hadn't really taken off at the time I bought it. In fact, it's a first printing paperback, and since the copyright page doesn't state anything about a hardcover printing, it's very likely that the next book in the series hadn't even been published at the time I bought this.

I don't know when the big boom in urban fantasy took hold, but based solely on my recollection of what the Science Fiction and Fantasy section of most book stores looked like in 2003 (I'm feeling a little too lazy do some research on this), this probably came out just around when that segment of the market took off. I have to admit that although I generally prefer my genre lit to be more on the sf side of the fuzzy divide, I've read my share of urban fantasy novels and find them entertaining enough.

Having said that, my overall impression of Something from the Nightside is one of slight bewilderment. As far as first novels in a long-running series go, it's not all that impressive. First, it's very short -- only 230 pages of widely spaced text. In addition, it feels like a novella that has been padded to just barely make it novel length. On the other hand, that padding might just explain why this book somehow managed to kick off a series that recently saw its 11th volume published in just under eight years: the elements of the story superfluous to the plot allowed Green to do a wonderful job of setting up the Nightside universe. I'm guessing that as a result, that the series really picks up in the second book.

Unfortunately, chances are pretty low that I will find that out for myself. I've already been sucked into one urban fantasy series for longer than I care to admit (thank you, Rob Thurman), and I really don't feel up to allowing myself to get sucked into another -- especially given the number of Nightside books out there. Who knows, maybe one day I will pick up the second book and see if my guess about the series taking off in the second book is right -- it's just not going to happen anytime soon.

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