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My Liberal Outrage Returns with a Vengeance

Sometimes, I really believe that the world that many conservatives inhabit is so far divorced from reality, reason and sanity that they must be living on an alternate Earth that somehow exists in the same material plane as the one I inhabit. That must be the only explanation for idiots such as the ones over at Power Line (Time magazine's 2004 Blog of the Year), who actually posted yesterday in support of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's dissenting opinion in last year's Doe v. Groody, in which he defended the strip-search of a 10-year-old girl in a search warrant executed for a man who lived with her mother.

That's right, he said it was okay to strip-search a 10-year-old girl who, by the way, was not mentioned anywhere in the search warrant. Thank goodness he was overruled by the other judges on the case.

These people are so fucking nuts that it really makes me angry, and anyone who can argue with me with a straight face that Alito's decision was a just one ought to go that girl (she's 17 now) and tell her that it was done for the common good, and "God Bless Her" for being a good little American.

I don't want this man anywhere near the Supreme Court -- or my child (and future children) for that matter.

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