The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Judge Alito's America

For more on Judge Alito's wonderful, fascist vision of America, Think Progress has put together a fun, little fact sheet on some of the hot-button issues he has adjudicated upon while on the 3rd Circuit Appeals Court. Highlights:

  • He would overturn Roe V. Wade
  • He would strike down the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • He would allow race-based and disability-based discrimination

Oh, and during the Reagan administration (before becoming a federal judge,) he helped author a Justice Department policy that said it was okay to fire individuals with AIDS without any other cause, because of 'fear of contagion whether reasonable or not."

What's next -- can I get fired for fear that I'll spread cuties cooties?

I don't care about his obvious qualifications. If the religious right can get their white sheets knotted in a bunch because Harriet Miers wasn't conservative enough, liberals, progressives and (theoretically, provided they still have anything resembling nutsacks left) Democrats should oppose Alito as far too extremist for America.
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