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Yeah, the White Sox and last year's Red Sox were "overdue" in winning their respective World Series, but just how overdue were they really? Larry Mahnken ponders this:

If we assume that a team should have as equal a shot at the pennant as every other team in the league every year, the White Sox should have won about 11 pennants since 1901. They've won five. The Astros should have won three or more pennants by now, instead of the zero they've won. Therefore, by this method, both teams were clearly overdue--the White Sox since 1940, when their 40 years of existence was one full league cycle (eight years) over the number of years it should have taken to win their four pennants (if that makes any sense). The Astros have been overdue since 1972.

Who's the most overdue? The Phillies, of course, who've won one fewer pennant that the White Sox but have been around 18 years longer. While the ChiSox are 5.2 pennants behind the pace, Philadelphia is a whopping 8 pennants past due. The Phillies are also the most due for a World Championship too, four rings behind where they should be.

This comes as no surprise to Phillies fans--of course--and I sincerely doubt they'll make this deficit up in my lifetime. However, my favorite tidbit came at the end:

And for teams over their fair share of titles, how many years they would have to go without a World Championship to have fewer than their "fair share" (and how many in a row that would be starting from their last title):

Mets 39 (58)
Red Sox 51 (52)
Diamondbacks 52 (56)
Dodgers 52 (17)
Blue Jays 60 (72)
Marlins 78 (80)
A's 141 (157)
Cardinals 141 (164)
Yankees 651 (656)

So look for the Yankees to break "The Curse" sometime in the 27th century.

Yeah, I could live with that. :-)

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