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First Attempt at New Plan

Last week I stated in my initial post on Monday that I had a new idea for posting to LJ more frequently. I also said in that post that I was amazed at how quickly and easily I had integrated my new iPhone into how I interact with the world around me. Well, this post is my first attempt at using my iPhone to achieve that goal. Yes, I am using the phone's voice dictation software to compose this post.

Already, I have encountered a few quirks that will take some getting used to. However, I must admit it is much faster to "write" this way rather than typing everything out. I am also finding that I need to better plan out what I intend to write before speaking the words into my phone. This flies in the face of my natural style of writing and editing. Forgive me for not getting into more detail.

Anyway, for a first attempt I must admit I am rather pleased with the results. The next step is bringing myself to do this more often. Hopefully, this post is a harbinger for more to come.

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