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Mid-Day Brain Dump

A few tidbits in a format that PowerPoint lovers can enjoy.

  • The 100-song project is proceeding nicely. The interesting thing is the large number of songs I'm considering from my preteens and teens. I know that's an easily impressionable age, but just how impressionable I was is somewhat fascinating.
  • Related to that, I always felt that Metallica's cover of "Turn the Page" was almost certainly in my top 100 songs, but this morning was the first time I heard it since April (at least, that what my iTunes stats tell me). While I remember it being awesome in almost epic proportions, merely stating that doesn't properly convey the awesomeness of hearing the song.
  • For those of you whom I'm not friends with on Facebook, earlier this week I finally added my very first (and due to cost considerations) almost certainly my last 19th-century baseball card to my Phillies collection. If you are interested, you can see the card and read a little more about it over on 14,000 Phillies.
  • I don't want to compose a full post on it, but I gained over 10 pounds during November and December of last year. While I lost four of them since the start of the year and am back to 50 pounds under my all-time high back in April 2011, it is an unwelcome reminder that even after all this time my body's default setting is to eat like Fat Bastard and exercise only when absolutely necessary.

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