The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Shiny New Tool at My Disposal

I have only had it on my Mac for two years now, but today I inadvertently discovered the dictation feature in Microsoft Word 2011. In theory, this should be a godsend. My biggest obstacle in terms of writing is making the time. Like everyone else I am sure, can speak much more quickly – even in the clipped manner you must use to make sure the dictation flows relatively smoothly – than I can type. So, it would suddenly seem that this tool could allow me to make better use of the time I put aside for writing.

However, there’s a rub: my prime time for writing is in the evening – when the kids and TeenLitGirl are home. I am fairly certain they do not wish to be anywhere within earshot of me while I am doing my best Mr. Roboto impersonation. Trust me, if you heard the way I speak while using the dictation feature, you wouldn’t want to hear it either – no matter how insightful, funny or bad-ass it may be.

Nonetheless, it’s exciting to know that I have this tool at my disposal. It will take a while before I determine just how well or often I can make use of it, but I have high hopes that access to this feature will enable me to post a little more frequently.

Update, 6:37 PM: It turns out that this has nothing to do with Word -- it's a feature in OS X Mountain Lion that I somehow enabled recently.

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