The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

"Jeffty Is Five" Redux

At the gym this earlier this morning, I thought more "Jeffty Is Five" and my post about it last night. If what I wrote last night was for a course back in college, I currently would be massively rewriting last night's entry. For starters, the story isn't really about Jeffty per se -- it really is about Danny's attempt to hold on to his past and childhood as much as possible and what happens when he lets the present and the demands of adulthood rip apart his inner five-year-old. Jeffty isn't just a five-year-old who hasn't aged in 17 years -- he's the physical manifestation of Danny's inner child. It's no coincidence that the climax of the story occurs when Danny reneges on his regularly scheduled Saturday afternoon date at the movies with Jeffty because it's a madhouse at the television store he owns.*

I don't know if my critical/interpretive faculties have grown rusty in the nearly five years since I placed Some Fantastic on indefinite hiatus. However, the fact that I needed some time to properly digest the story and make those connections certainly makes me feel like I'm not as quick on the uptake as I was in the past. Maybe what I really need to do is make more posts like the one I wrote last night. That would ensure that I keep those skills as sharp as possible.

* Edit to add, 10:30 AM: Comment on Facebook to last night's post helped me realize just how much the scene with Jeffty in front of the array of 31 televisions is wonderful illustration of how as we get older, out attention gets divided and subdivided by the many demands of adult life.

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