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Odds and Ends

A few items that don't warrant their own individual posts.

  • I'm fairly certain that I'm the first person ever to write the following: I have had to stash away the horde of zombie figures I normally have on my work desk because for a few nights in row the cats have attempted to save the moose clan from the undead (not to mention plastic) threat and dispose of them. At least I'll feel nominally safer should the zombie apocalypse actually occur.
  • Reading various Facebook comments and the news coverage about last night's Grammy Awards reminded me why I typically don't give a crap about them. For nearly my entire life, the overwhelming majority of my favorite bands and types of music never get consideration about the academy. Yeah, it's cool when a band I love gets kudos for their work, but the presence of awards (or the lack thereof) does nothing to change my feelings about them.
  • Pitchers and catchers report to Phillies training camp in two days. I almost hate to say this, but this year looks like it may very well be the last chance for the team to have a meaningful playoff run for some time. The farm system appears barren and the team is counting on a few too many veterans well on the wrong side of 30. Worse still, they may really need the wild card -- the Nationals are just scary good. I know it doesn't matter how you get into the playoffs, but I rather enjoyed the fact that the Phillies recent run was achieved without the wild card; it added a layer of legitimization to their success.
  • I've purposefully written very little about it, but since the start of the year I've lost 8½ of the [redacted] pounds I put on over during the holiday season last year, which for me started with Tank's birthday in the middle of October. I'm confident I'll get the rest of them off, but that doesn't change how disappointed I am in letting myself fall back into all the old habits that let me put on so much weight in such a short period of time.
  • Although I'm not Catholic or religious, I'm a little sad to see the Pope resign, if for no other reason than I thought it was rather awesome that the head of the Church looked so eerily like Emperor Palpatine.

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