The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
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Dispatches from Mooseville

  • I am currently enjoying the fruits of my longest stretch of healthy living habits and am happier with my physical appearance than at any other point in my life. However, thanks to the fact that I am a month away form turning 41, I find myself dealing with the occasional pulled muscle or joint ache that I cannot determine a cause for. This getting older thing really does suck.
  • My next step in continuing to improve my lifestyle starts today. I am now ceasing all diet soda consumption at home and replacing it with greater water intake and just one cola sweetened with cane sugar per day. I know the even healthier thing to do is fully eliminate soda altogether, but given all the other dietary changes I've made over the past couple years, I'm finding it hard to fully let go of carbonated beverages, my one remaining vice. I figure that one can of Pepsi Throwback is much better for me than all the artificial sweeteners I consume in my typical four-can/day diet soda intake.
  • I don't recall at this point if I previously made a snide remark about them either here on LJ or on Facebook, but this morning at the gym I saw for the first time in a while the Wrangler commercial hawking their men's jeans with a "U-shaped" gap in the front rather than "V-shaped" gap. Yes, Wrangler understands that the denim industry has forced too many well-endowed men to wear jeans with far-too-tight package regions for too... ahem... long, and Wrangler understands your discomfort. You're hung like a bear, and you're tired of showing it off. Seeing this ad makes me all the more glad that since my college days I've been proudly wearing dad jeans made my Eddie Bauer.
  • I'm no particular fan of Barnes & Noble. In fact, I still miss Borders and will likely continue doing so for the coming decades. However, they own the closest bookstore (non-used bookstore category) in my neck of suburbia (12 miles away), which means I make do with what I have. Unfortunately, they are shuttering that location at the end of the month, which means that the closest bookstore is now a Books a Million -- a chain that somehow manages to be even worse than B&N. I'm chalking this up as another reason why I really dislike living in Northern Virginia.


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