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It's Catholic Extra Value Meal Day

  • There are two little details about my eating & exercise regimen and my current approximate weight I still haven't adjusted to yet. First, my biggest problem is that I frequently find myself unable to get warm -- especially my hands and feet -- during the winter. When those moments occur, I'm now fond of saying, "I miss my blubber" -- something TeenLitGirl can readily confirm. Second, I know that there's nothing nutritionally justifiable about them, but Big Macs are still like crack to me. A couple nights ago I allowed myself my first one since the holidays and I think I nearly levitated out of my seat in the same manner as which Scooby Doo rose off of the ground after having a Scooby Snack.
  • The air in the house is incredibly dry, as is often the case during the winter. Unfortunately for our cats, this means lots of electrostatic discharge when they get in my lap seeking attention. I can't help but feel bad for them when I see them recoil from a shock only to start nudging my hand for more pets just a few seconds later.
  • Both Steven Page and Barenaked Ladies are currently in the studio recording new albums. While I cannot wait to hear either of the finished products, I wish that Page was still in the band and they were working on new material together. Yes, I know he's more comfortable as an artist now, but each party's first album following the split confirmed for me that everyone produced better material with Page in the band.
  • Finally, this weekend I fully plan to write a couple more posts featuring my Hall of Songs.

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