The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Random Tidbits

In no particular order, not in as much detail as each deserves, and not everything I could/should mention in passing. However, at least I'm poking my head out a bit:

  • I find it deeply ironic (and frustrating) that those who insist that the global climate change issue is one that doesn't require immediate action are the same ones who insist that we must act now to fix long-term deficit issues, at the expense of dealing with a massive current unemployment/underemployment problem -- even though if we fixed the employment problem now it would greatly fix the overwhelming majority of potential future deficit projection issues. (Not to mention acting now on global climate change will mitigate future issues that are certain to happen because of our inaction over the past 25 years.)

  • I am about as disillusioned and upset with the current state of the baseball card hobby as I've ever been -- to the point where I am actually considering (temporarily, at a minimum) refusing to buy any new product. I plan on writing a series of posts over on 14,000 Phillies to explain this state of angst.

  • What I refer to as my "social season" started this past weekend. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it doesn't look like I will be quite as social as I was the past few summers. However, I still hope to see as many friends as possible over the next couple months.

  • When TeenLitGirl and I signed the contract on our rowhouse, we had a spare bedroom built into the ground floor with the expectation that one of the kids would eventually lay claim to it. Tank surprised everyone by being the first to express interest in taking the room, which is two floors below where everyone else in the house sleeps. The transition is now nearly complete, though the room that serves as my office is now in disarray while we work on properly rearranging/storing items that we had been storing in that room.

  • The odds of my making my weight loss goal tomorrow are incredibly good, though not 100% certain. Either way, it feels really good to finally get so close to losing the ~15 pounds I gained at the end of last year through laziness on both the exercise and healthy eating fronts. (More on this tomorrow.)


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