The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

The Return of the Weekly Weigh-In, Part D'oh!

Gain for the past nine weeks: 11.8 lbs.
Cumulative gain: 1.9
Lbs. away from original goal: 11.9

Shortly after my last weigh-in, I went on a bender which featured no exercise and eating whatever I wanted in any amount I wanted. Hence, the unmitigated disaster that unfolded in the numbers above; I am now heavier than I was back in the middle of April when I resolved to get motivated and lose the remaining 10 pounds left over from the 15 I gained as a result of my bender at the of 2012.

As bad as all that sounds, those numbers still don't tell the whole story. I had a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment yesterday morning, and my blood pressure was 140/94. I know that number is almost entirely the result of what has happened over the past nine weeks, and that I can return it the normal range by resuming my exercise routines and healthy eating habits. However, I'm on a short leash -- I have another appointment in one month, and if I can't get both number down to acceptable levels, then I go back on hypertension meds for the first time in two years.

So, two things are obvious. First, eating properly and exercising regularly are now far more important for me than they ever have been. The fact is that my body is just poorly equipped to handle anything less. I know that's true for all of us as we age, but clearly my body is particularly sensitive in regards to diet and exercise. Second, my default setting -- for whatever reason -- just happens to be "fat bastard." Not that I ever believed otherwise, but this has been a resounding confirmation that I will be struggling with this for the rest of my life.

Thus, I can never allow myself to go on a similar bender ever again. I can handle a very occasional bad day eating, but I can't let up on the exercise and I need to eat properly the overwhelming majority of the time. Furthermore, my original goal was at the uppermost extreme of the range my doctor and I agreed would be an ideal weight for me. With all this in mind, I am resetting my target to lose an additional few pounds so that I am comfortably within that range -- the idea being that once I reach my goal, I can have a bad day (or weekend) and I'll remain within my ideal weight range.

This will not be easy as I will almost certainly be still working towards this goal come the middle of October, which I claim is the actual beginning of my "holiday season." That month includes TeenLitGirl's and Tank's birthdays (in addition to the temptation of Halloween candy) and November includes my wedding anniversary in the run-up to Thanksgiving. But before I work on overcoming those obstacles, I need to focus more closely on just doing everything I'm supposed to before my next doctor's appointment. I would really like to not have to resume hypertension medication -- I just hope that I can at least bring the blood pressure numbers back down by then.

Current weight: 201.8 pounds
Revised goal: 185.0 pounds

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