The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Weekly Weigh-In

Gain/loss for the fortnight: -3.6 lbs
Cumulative loss (past 10 weeks): 16.0
Lbs away from revised goal: 0.8

There's a lot that comes to mind as I look at those numbers and think about my eating and exercising over the past couple weeks:

  • I inadvertently didn't have my bad meal this week, which possibly helped drive the weight loss number down a little further. However, It was likely offset by my eating some leftover Halloween candy over the past few days, so I don't know how much that really came into play.

  • Because these numbers cover a two-week period, the weekly average is still very roughly in line with the first eight weeks since becoming incredibly determined to get my weight down to my ideal mark. However, although I didn't post last week's number at the time, I did do a weigh-in last Tuesday. While I lost only 0.4 lbs on the first week of this past fortnight, I lost 3.2 over the second week. Once again, this illustrates that even weekly numbers contain weird fluctuations, and as a result I am not expecting to make goal this week. I just have this feeling that today's number registered low thanks to some quirk I haven't yet identified.

  • I completely understand how so many people become obsessed with weight and body image. Although I use my weight as my primary gauge of my level of fitness, I also take into consideration the amount of exercise I get, the type of food I'm eating, and my blood pressure readings. However, even so, I occasionally have to stop myself from unduly fixating solely on the scale itself and, to a lesser extent, my own perceptions of my body's appearance because....

  • I know for a fact that standard BMI -- which is literally nothing more than an algebraic equation based on the archaic height-weight charts) does not apply to me. As of this morning, my BMI is 28.3, which is in the high-end of the overweight range. Given that I am less than one pound from my ideal weight -- a weight that my doctor of 10+ years and I determined based on my own weight fluctuations and other factors -- there's no way I will ever get down to "normal weight" BMI without looking horribly gaunt.

  • Last week, TeenLitGirl suggested that once I return to my goal weight (I was actually there for over half of 2012), I post some before and after photos -- something I didn't do the first the first time I made goal in early 2012. I also still have my fat pants from my peak weight in April 2011. So if I do the before (that being photos from around April 2011) and after shots, I may even put those old jeans back on to show how big they are on me now.


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