The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

White Privilege Illustrated

A little something that's been going through my head since the morning after the election. I've rewritten this a couple times, and I'm still not satisfied with the way it reads. However, I'm tired of wordsmithing it:

White Privilege Illustrated

First, white America bemoans and berates blacks in Baltimore and Ferguson for the damage caused to their communities when protesting and rioting against a system that treats them unjustly. "How dare they do that to their own neighborhood? Don't they see they're doing more harm than good?" Then in a fit of anger over how they perceive their country is treating them, white Americans elect the most uniquely unqualified candidate for President in American history: a thin-skinned narcissist whose entire business career demonstrates that he has never worked for anyone other than himself and his own interests; someone who has consistently enriched himself while defrauding business partners, creditors, contractors, and his own employees. He promises to tear down the entire system that they are unhappy with -- even though his actions will almost certainly make their lives and their communities worse. Furthermore, they go so far as to tell the people who backed the other candidate, an individual who received over 1.7 million more votes, to stop moaning about the election and deal with it. Yet, they will almost certainly refuse to believe or accept the idea that his election is doing more harm than good.
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